General Questions

Brainology is a nootropic supplement formulated to help you

When we created Brainology, we were driven by our quest to help people become the best versions of themselves through the enhancement of positive capacities. These are the cognitive and emotional qualities that make us who we are, and can help us reach the peak of our potential in all aspects of our lives.

Most nootropic formulas have a somewhat contradictory mechanism of action, for example they could help boost your focus but make you extremely impatient in the process so the periods of focus are ultimately wasted, especially when you consider your overall well being.

Brainology was designed to solve this problem, and provide calm energy and focus with no strings attached. We intimately understand the difference between calm energy and that antsy, edgy feeling that comes with the intake of energy drinks. We wanted to develop a formulation that grants focus and drive, but preserves the sense of peace and stability that helps you get more done, and protects your mood. The Brainology formulation helps boost stress resilience, which improves your ability to withstand stressful situations

The Brainology formulation contains ingredients* that have been demonstrated to be harmful in people on the following substances: MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, or any other psychiatric or neurological medication. It should be avoided in individuals with chronic medical conditions including high blood pressure, neurologic, cardiovascular, endocrine disorders and people on chemotherapy. It should also be avoided in individuals with cancer, phenylketonuria, muscular dystrophy, or individuals on immunosuppressive therapy. For safety, Brainology should not be administered to nursing mothers, or children below the age of 18.

In the event of any side effects, please discontinue use of this product immediately and seek immediate care from a medical professional. Be advised that this product should not be taken without prior consultations with a medical professional in order to rule out potential complications.

*Be advised that the above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA as Brainology is not intended to be used in the management of any diseases.

One of the core principles governing the design of Brainology is the concept of complex systems science. The value of adaptation as a key component of complex systems science is that it is reflected in everyday life. All living organisms adapt to their environment, and in humans, exercise is an excellent demonstration of an adaptive mechanism. Experts know that when you exercise, you should take days off to enable your body adapt to the stress and recover from the stress. I’m much the same way, making use of Brainology in an intermittent manner helps the body acquire more benefits through the process of adaptation than simply taking it all the time.

Brainology is formulated with natural ingredients that have been tested and trusted for being friendly with the human system. It comes with low risk side effects. We recommend that you consult with your physician for possible health implications before taking Brainology, especially if you're pregnant or have any health conditions.

Brainology is a nootropic supplement with high efficacy level. Depending on individual body chemistry, you should start feeling the positive impacts of Brainology on your brain system within few hours of taking it.

If you're currently on medication, pregnant, or taking Birth Control, we recommend that you consult with your physician for medical advice before taking Brainology. Your physician should be able to diagnose your conditions and make appropriate recommendations.

We recommend that you store your Brainology in a cool, dry place.

Shipping / Returns Policy

Absolutely! The safety of your information is of priority to us. We will not share any of your details with a third party. All credit cards are secured by Shopify, Amazon, and PayPal.

No. Currently, we ship only within the United States. Plans are ongoing to expand our reach beyond the US.

The costs of shipping vary according to location. The individual shipping costs will be calculated and display at checkout immediately you make a request.

In order to provide you with the best possible value, Mind Functions supports the most modern payment methods. We accept payment through Paypal - Mastercard - Visa.

How long does it take for Mind Functions to ship?

We will send your tracking information into your email immediately after placing your order. You can use the details to track your order online. Send us an email immediately if you did not receive a tracking detail or if you have any issue with your package after receiving your order via


Your card will be charged as soon as you place your first order. Then, subsequent will depend on your subscription plan. Afterwards, you will be charged every 30 days or 60 days depending on the plan you choose.

Your order will be shipped within 2 business days of placing your order. Afterwards, you will receive a fresh supply of the products after every 30 or 60 days depending on your chosen plan.

The process is simple. Just log on to your account and input your updates. The changes will be reflected within 24 hours.

If initially you experienced failed or declined attempts while processing your payment, your bank statement may likely show "authorization holds" thereafter. The charges are not legitimate and should disappear within few days from the account statement. All you need to do is an update on your account and this can be done by logging-in into your account page and make the changes. Once you have done this, we will ship your Brainology and send over billing and shipping confirmation to your email.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, log in to your account page, scroll down to "Manage Account" and choose the subscription you wish to cancel. It is as simple as that! However, we know you will always want to have your trusted Brainology around, so no cancellation.