Blog 5: How Does Vitamin B6 Work for the Brain Health?

All B vitamins are valuable “foods” for the brain. They comprise of 8 water-soluble vitamins that play critical roles in brain development. The importance of the B vitamins to the brain's functions is obvious in the fact that each vitamin is actively transported through the blood brain barrier to generate energy for the cells.

Although all B vitamins are essential for proper brain functions and development, research has shown that there is strong affinity between vitamin B6 and the brain health, especially in the elderly. More specifically, vitamin B6 keeps the brain and the nervous system functioning for long-term and properly as well.

Of course, vitamin B6 is needed for the proper brain development in kids as well as required for proper brain functions in people of all ages. But, more of vitamin B6 is needed by adults above age 50, since their bodies have less energy to absorb the B6 vitamin into the body.

Whether you're a victim of head injury or you're just low on brain energy, taking proteinous foods such as fish, meet, bean, etc, will, most likely, give you your share of the vitamin B6 needed by your body to renew your brainpower. But, the results for you may not be instant. That's why you need the formula that works!

So if you need instant restoration of your mental strength, you don't have to look any further, Brainology is the magic formula for you! It is your dependable ally when it comes to reviving of the brain power. The vitamin B6 in Brainology combines with other natural ingredients to give you an instant blast of your mental performance.

Brainology is specifically formulated to increase focus, eliminate anxieties, boost energy, clear the mind, advance creativity, and promote productivity. Its functions are listed below:

  • Brainology functions as a complete brain optimizer. It supports improved mental performance.
  • Brainology promotes improved mental alertness, thereby helping you to do what you do better.
  • Brainology is formulated to assist the brain to meet the day to day life demands.
  • Brainology functions for both immediate brain health needs and long-term mental performance.
  • Brainology is specifically designed to repair and energize the brain cells for optimal performance.
  • The highly effective natural ingredients in Brainology are formulated to help build harmonious relationship between the brain, mind, and body, thereby promoting greater productivity and performance.